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Make your work more efficient with Gyana’s reporting platform and have everything you need to start and complete a report, end-to-end.

Kill the silos

A single place for all your data

Super Connect
Easily gather data from your systems and databases into one single, secure location
Excel ready
Upload Excel or CSV files and create datasets in an instant
Store in one place
Simplify your life with one, easy-to-use tool that captures all the data you need and keeps it safe

Easy transformation

No need to call IT with GYANA’s no-code data manipulation

Your data, ready to go
Gyana lets you turn your raw data into clean, structured, and usable formats in seconds
Never lose data again
Protect your original data, without spending time or money on backup solutions

Fast deep-dive

Move at the speed of an expert analyst

No-Code Deep Analysis
Discover the power of GYANA. Join tables and datasets in seconds. And find complex insights without coding, instantly.
Magic insights
Use our built-in machine learning AI to instantly get deep insights from your data: the Sentiment Analyzer and the Topic Analyzer are the first two tools at your disposal, and many more are coming!

Find hidden insights, in a single click

Gyana's advanced analytics software makes it easy to get the business insights you need, without hiring a data scientist


Make data-driven decisions, every day

Gyana empowers your team to use data in their work. It's for every department and role

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