Samsara: the Gyana Podcast

Explore a universe of insight with Joyeeta Das, Gyana CEO, as she finds out what industry experts, students, data scientists, journalists and thought leaders think, how they navigate this world and what can we learn from them.

Season 6

Data science on the frontier

In season 6, Joyeeta meets the trailblazers who are imagining the future of data science - from no-code, advanced analytics and AI.

Season 5

Samsara Summer Splash

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash. Joyeeta (CEO), David (CTO) and Nigel Morris (investor) host panels with commercial and technical experts on the need to democratise data science.

Season 4

Data science at Startups

What is the role of data in startups? Our guests this season share their experiences from all stages of the startup journey.

Season 2

Data science in real estate

Joyeeta learns how data science is transforming the world's biggest asset class.