Season 5: Episode 2

How does data science work in action?

Jaikumar, Candice, Alex, Jeffrey, Danuta, Riham and David at Samsara Panel One

On 17th July, Gyana held a special online event, SAMSARA Summer Splash.

Gyana CTO & Co-founder David Kell invited six leading data practitioners to discuss how data science is applicable for organizations across many different sectors.

David was joined by:

  • Jaikumar Ganesh, director of engineering at Uber AI
  • Candice Ren, co-founder of 173Tech and ex-head of analytics at Badoo
  • Alex Nussbacher, head of analytics at Appear Here
  • Jeffrey Ng, CSO of Founders Factory
  • Danuta Jeziorska, CEO of Nucleome Therapeutics
  • Riham Satti, CEO of MeVitae.